Role: Engineer & Mixer

TX Date: 17/01/13

I’ve got a lot of time for this band.

We first played them on The Selector back in 2010, after they released their Counter Balance EP. I just really admired the way they fused a math rock indie vibe with hip hop beats and overtones of electronica.

Not long after, I had the pleasure of interviewing Roman and Dan and had a gut feeling they would do well for themselves. It took them a few years, but they really managed to break out with their 2nd album War Room Stories and are now playing sell out shows across Europe.

Similar to bands like Foals, Alt-J and Everything Everything, they’re a group who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and help redefine what it means to be a British indie band.

Here are 3 songs I recorded back in December 2013 – All nailed in one take and sounding wicked!